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Food Porn: Relishing Ribs with a Rake

Following my previous entry about food porn, this bloggist received several comments from my reader(s) that it was too intensely worded for their feeble comprehensions. Luckily for my reader(s), I always pander to the lowest common denominator! Here, my dear(s), is another book I dug out from my aunt’s stash… Front Cover


Mart Time Lover

I realize that my token Chinese New Year post isn’t as exuberant as it should have been. I apologize for that. Please don’t read it here. It’s not fun to read if you like tikoy. I was grouchy and overworked and I wanted to be grouchy and drunk. Today, I shall post about something closer

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Chafing the Dragon

thanks, Wikimedia You’d think that I would know a thing or two about Chinese New Year, being a third generational Chinese Filipino. You’d think that I would know at least that it’s happening today even when it seems that everybody else is reminding me about it. Make no mistake, I like that the Philippines has

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Crying Fowl

Dear Enthusiastic Rooster, I suspect my uncle shipped you straight from Animal Farm. I feel happy for you that you were able to torment me, an enemy on two legs, by crowing straight from 3AM to 6AM earlier. I don’t mean this sarcastically, either, because when I complained to my aunt this morning, I may

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Food Porn: Reviewing Restos with a Rogue

Forget what you think you know about food porn. You simply cannot trust those food bloggers. You can go to them about food, sure… but what about pornography? My aunt has a much better grasp of food pornography than those hacks, as evidenced by her considerable collection of old romance novels… Front Cover


How I Met Mother

No wonder my clothes have smelled nicer lately. I’m still not going to ask to be tucked into bed, however. I went into our kitchen a couple of days ago (or was it a couple of weeks ago? Don’t ask me. I’m drunk.). I was looking for my mom, doing my best mama’s boy voice,

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A Centerpiece On Celebrity Cruelty

As some of you may know, I was recently baited into doing a post that I did not want to do. I apologize for that, but I also still have some issues to clear out, as a continuation of that post… First of all, I don’t like name-dropping. I’m sure many people also feel the

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Cane, Ain’t Able

Because the universe is not without a sense of humor, this bloggist is now typing with an injured back not a week after posting about proper gymming/porning habits. I’ll give no details how it came about, but I’m relieved that it isn’t as painful as 2008. Though I’m barely in any pain this time, it

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A Philadelphia Sorry
Our Bloggist Attempts A Food and Travel Writeup

I cannot speak for everyone but I know I started a blog because of a bloated sense of self-importance. I’m special, you know. My expansive readership of one is probably wondering, “It’s cool that you have a blog but where’s the write-up about food? What about travel?” I guess I should have made it clear

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Debbie Does Deltoids: A Primer
An Introduction to Getting Physical

I realize that I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday. I was busy. I spent most of yesterday (and early today) brushing up on an employee manual that may or may not be related to my new year’s resolution to perform in porn movies more. Yesterday, I was meaning to write a post for people

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