Blog-Off Battle: Calvin Shub (Part 3: Government Rebuttal)
Because Slagging Other People Off Is Better Through Rhyme

You know what, Calvin Shub? That’s not a rapper name. I mean… your last rhyme was pretty good and all (for an amateur), but you don’t exactly sound like a rapper with that name. I suggest you go with C-Lo. I promise that you won’t get sued by a more successful rapper for infringement. Better yet, go for C-Lo Yellow. It’s a pretty good handle, I think (because you’re cowardly yellow). It also rhymes better than anything you’ll ever make. Zing!

Anyway, I’m not one to take your sorry attempt at a retort sitting down (which is why I’m typing this thing while standing up – it’s good for the back!). You suck, Shub. I am rubber you are glue. Here is where I wipe the floor with you!

I just rhymed again. Zing! Oh, it’s on once more…

Shub, you crazy? It’s stage three.
You think your words faze me? They’re lazy.
You throw verse like a baby. You’re gravy.
So go cry to your lady: “Save Me”.
I’ll spit back rhymes that you gave me.
Pray thee you don’t see what’s made me.
No maybes – I’ll defeat you quite ably.

So what up, Shubs?
You think you can rock it?
You barely a Tubbs
When you think you’re a Crockett.

What, you ready to knock it?
Did you load it and cock it?
You say you’re packin’ heat?
Hell, I won’t even block it!

That’s not a piece in yo’ pocket
You can’t even clock it
You just happy to see me
‘Cause you wantin’ to dock it.

Go plug your own socket
Make sure you unlock it
Houston, you’re in trouble
‘Cause you don’t have a rocket

So shove this, you feeling thuggish?
You’ll flub this, you nothing but sluggish.
You dumb piss, go plead with your druggist,
The glove is so that you can plug this.
Frug this, are you starting to love this?
Then hug this, you’ll find that the rub is –
Shub is rubbish, don’t bother to publish.


Shub is saying it ain’t over. I don’t believe this.

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  • Dodge says:
    July 30, 2012 A.D. at 4:40 PM

    ooooh! snap!



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