Blog-Off Battle: Calvin Shub (Part 4: Opposition Rebuttal)
Because Slagging Other People Off Is Better Through Rhyme

Yet again, Mr Shub is communicating to us that he is not one to back down from a challenge – especially when the challenge is rather dickishly thrown at him (behind his back too, if that makes sense). He’s a brave one, despite all indications… so brave that he threatened to involve his lady, who happens to be my current project manager.

Well played, Shub. After I issued my challenge, you sent over your reply, and got back a fierce one from me for your trouble. That means you lost. Pssh!

In the spirit of ‘fairness’, I shall publish your last reply here (you think your blog is too pretty to be dirtied by this affair, is that it?). Anyway, your new rhyme won’t change things: I will have to contend with your wife’s (suddenly) urgent deadlines, and I still win the blog-off – look at the photo above! I also had my photo taken with Solenn Heusaff, ha!

Here you go, Calvin Shub. You get the last word…

You losing this quick
You can’t quash the tyranny
Just ‘cause you a dick
Don’t mean you Ron Jeremy

You wasting my time
So, verb, start hearing me
You can’t even rhyme
You nowhere near killing me

You laying down pressure
Engaging the enemy
But your skills do not measure
To the gauge and epitome

You worst of the worst
And it sure appear to me
You can’t do a verse
‘Thout even repeating me

It’s all in your head
This much is clear to me
Your mom puts you to bed
Invoking the fear of me

You scared of my infamy
I’m driving you mental
You trapped in a pyramid
Just like you Pempengco

Best stop this, son
You losing momentum
Go cry to your mom
Get guidance parental

You know what I mean, douche
You slow like a turtle
You just turning green, Bruce
But your pants don’t be purple

Yeah, you don’t be incredible
You can only talk trash
You lose inevitable
Consider yourself smashed


Thanks to Calvin Shub for his unwitting participation. Visit him HERE and tell him that he lost (L-O-S-T).

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