Disparate House Wipe

Yesterday was quite the pleasant surprise. After twenty-two years, I was able to revisit the house I grew up in (thanks to our old landlord). That house, funnily enough, is right across our office compound. The walls surrounding it have gotten higher over the years, but all the same, I pass by it daily and never give it much thought.

Our neighborhood has in a way deteriorated – it is now more industrial compared to how it was when my family still lived there. The gate to the house has rusted a deep orange, and the house itself is barely together. It is quite dilapidated, what with two decades of wear-and-tear. The last residents also took away all wiring and plumbing, which were probably sold off to a junk shop.

I felt terribly nostalgic. The house appeared familiar yet strangely oppressive (no doubt brought about by the wild growth of weeds). It also seemed smaller, which was only natural, as I’d since grown twice my size. The total picture sort of looked different, except the small details were exactly as I remembered them. Among the surviving plants, I noted that four trees were now gone – the kamias, the pine, the coconut, and the guava (this one being a favorite). The cabinets and doors appeared to be intact for the most part, but my old room seemed to look wrong somehow. The dimensions, for one, were off. The absence of furniture, or anything, was another factor. A large photo of a baby remained posted near one corner, though I noticed that it wasn’t my brother or me. Something did not compute. I immediately crouched by the spot where my bed used to be and realized the one missing ingredient: the heartless bastards painted over my booger wall.


Apologies for the title – it was too good to pass on.

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