Germs of an Idea (Part 1)
The Fine Art of Punning

Hello, imaginary reader! I heard you were curious about how this bloggist comes up with awful puns. Don’t panic! I’m sure you’ve seen them on the titles for this electro-blog. Just a general rule: the worse the pun, the worse the post. (Despite the clumsy title, however, this thing isn’t so bad. And, just to clarify that I do not hate children, here’s this thing).

This bloggist is also as adept with other figures of speech, by the way. I also use allusions: like this one, and this one. They are, of course, just as bad.

I like to use my allusions, clearly. [thanks, GnR]

By and large, though, puns remain the clear winner for this loser. And I have my patented punning procedures to thank for this. In my experience, it has proven more reliable than a great automatic grammatizator. Allow me to illustrate…

Recently, I came upon the epiphany of doing a new series on food. “Wait!” you say, “You already have enough posts about food!” You speak de true true, observant one. There is indeed this whole FOOD PORN series that curiously ran for half a year, and then there’s this culturally insensitive one about the world’s most appalling delicacies, as well as this bit about geographically displaced ‘Filipino’ food. There’s also this ‘Dear John’ to a dumpling, because I was drunk that one Friday evening. Even the On The Lamb travel series pokes into food topics regularly, you may notice. So you ask, “Do we need another food series?

Rather, “Do we need more pictures of your face-stuffing face?

I’m afraid you’re missing the point, good reader. We’re only here to talk not about the proliferation of food posts, but my scientific punning method. Besides, if you knew this bloggist, you’d actually be surprised how there are even non-food entries here… blasted face-stuffing idiot. We’ll just have to suck it up and nobly accept that what cyberspace needs at this point is one more food-and-travel blog. After all, in the big picture, what’s a new series to feature this bloggist’s favorite food haunts?

Haven’t we already agreed that we were selling out?

Well, don’t dilly-dally and click here for the continuation…

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