Food Porn: Ingesting Innards with an Incubus

In case anyone hasn’t yet noticed, summer is now upon us, along with its delicious deluge of heat and humidity. It is the perfect time to take up new activities, to hit the beach, and to discover circumcision courtesy of your local governments.

There is no better way to enjoy the superb tropical climate, however, than by propagating questionable material to an impressionable readership. This is the life, isn’t it?

It’s been a slow couple of weeks, and it is only going to get slower. Because we are not above cruising on a single punchline, though, here be food pornography, chapter seven. XOXO.

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I am a bright and beautiful woman – all the boys think so, even if they cannot cope with my modern independent streak, she thought.

She sat there, a bright and beautiful woman. All the boys think so, even if they cannot cope with her modern independent streak. The current object of her attention is Holden’s teaching assistant. She believed, in a quite progressive fashion, that his loose trousers are merely serving to disguise… a demon.

She watched him lift a handful up. “Very nutritious,” he began, “high in iron, vitamins, minerals… rich in protein. It’s good if it looks moist and plump. It should smell sweet.”

She noticed, in a most modern manner, that his eyes seemed to take on an otherworldly radiance. He poked at a fleshy mass. “Note that it’s bright and shiny without any greenish tinge. You gently peel the thin membrane while holding it firmly, because it’ll curl up when heated. It’s quite delicate. Don’t overdo it so it doesn’t get tough and leathery.”

She bit her lip and felt an empowerment in her free-range hips. I want him… “Is it hot in…’

“And that’s the liver,” he finished. She almost fainted.

He put his hands on a luscious pair next, stroking the surface lovingly. “These,” he proceeded, “have a tough core but are surrounded by fat. They’re plump and firm. Work them too long, though, and they’ll exude a lot of juice. They may shrink considerably, so try to be quick to keep the inside pink and juicy…”

She shuddered. She felt a tasteful, non-exploitative, heaving in her organic bosoms. This is just too much… “It can’t go on like this. I feel like…”

“Thus,” he pronounced, “are the kidneys. Moving on…”

“Oh! Most damned offal and giblets of desire!” she interjected, “I want to devour your sweetmeat!”

He paused. “Excuse me,” he said. “Did you say sweetmeat?”

“Yes! I most certainly did. I want your sweetmeats! Rawrrr!”

“Were you perhaps thinking about sweetbreads?” he ventured, “Sweetmeats are confectionery.”

“Oh. Yes! I want to devour your… sweetbreads!” She licked her liberated power lips.

“Sweetbreads,” he murmured, “Most excellent. Those are thymus glands…”

“Oh. I love it when you talk dirty!”


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