Looking Baa On 2012
The Good, The Blog, and The Ugly

Howdy, internets! This bloggist understands that most of you are new here – some ‘friend’ sent you, perhaps? In that case, let me welcome you and tell you that your ‘friend’ isn’t to be trusted. Thanks, anyway, for coming here and ignoring your otherwise good taste!

It might interest you to know that this electro-blog peaked sometime in the last couple of weeks. It might also not – but I appreciate the visit(s), all the same.

2012 saw a total of 114 postings – good, bad, and unremarkable. I hope you visit some of them. I try to make my posts as time-insensitive as possible with the aim of making them re-readable. This only means that they get to stay irrelevant longer, high five!

Please allow me to sift through the posts, just the same. The order in which they are presented below also jibes with their popularity count (i.e. visits). A top ten list? How convenient is that?


1. A Philadelphia Sorry
This is the post that keeps on giving. Until last month, it was the most visited update for each month of 2012.

Despite being one of this site’s first few postings, moreover, it went on to become the only one to receive more than 1,000 views for last year.

It must be my popular face.

A Philadelphia Sorry was to be my one disposable food-and-travel article. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do these types of posts because I knew I would inevitably end up repeating myself, having nothing left to say (especially with a face full of food). A teacher once lamented, ‘How many words are there for delicious?’ Sadly, she passed away before she got the Internet’s answer: there are only three. Read them and weep… ‘To’, ‘Die’, and ‘For’.

For emphasis, we are also advised to use ‘Literally’.

Weirdly enough, A Philadelphia Sorry ended up being fun to do. I was trying to channel a famous dude that I left ‘mistakes’ intact for the full effect – I doubt anybody noticed.

My face distracted them.

This was the first in my ‘how not to blog’ trilogy. The second was Yu-Ga-Oh!. It pains me that this follow-up didn’t get as popular, especially because it had a celebrity guesting – none other than Abe Olandres of Yugatech!

And his popular face.

This update never even scraped the top ten, despite my attempts to leech off the celebrity of Abe Olandres of Yugatech. There may be at least two fans out there, however, judging by the the search strings that were submitted to this site:

Right after ‘milksboob’.

Abe Olandres gay? That anybody even had to ask that is an indication of what’s wrong in the world today. Firstly, his sexual orientation is immaterial with regard to what he does – he’s a cult figure/tech blogger. Secondly, where did you buy your gaydar? Were you actually hoping that he was gay? Bad news: Abe Olandres of Yugatech is not gay. His physical presence alone induces blackouts during Sex and The City marathons. He is so hopelessly straight that he causes cupcakes to spontaneously combust. Orange mocha frappuccinos curdle at the sight of his eyebrows. He is so un-gay, in fact, that he causes rainbows to fart.

His gay friends even meet yearly for a Shame Parade.

I implore you, good reader, to please give Yu-Ga-Oh! a chance. Clicking that link may even help Abe Olandres of Yugatech clarify certain issues about his sexual orientation.


2. Every Dog Has Its Day
Somehow, this became the year’s second most popular post. Every Dog Has Its Day (in two parts) is the family dog, Archer, effecting a cod Victorian rebuttal against an earlier post.

For shame!

That precedent post (in three parts), Old Dogs, New Tricks, detailed how this bloggist trained with him for a fun run. It might be helpful for some, especially with the 2013 Doggie Run coming up.

Oh, woot.

Since the Internet has an inclination towards animal photos, this bloggist then introduced the Ask Archer series, wherein Archer, in character, shared more Victorian advice for life’s big questions (which were all about grammar, anyway).


3. It’s More F in the Philippines
As it were, things are looking really well for the country. If we are to trust all the outlooks and forecasts, being Filipino couldn’t be peachier than now.

And, because this bloggist knows no shame, he did a four-parter about dubiously named localities in the Philippines. This could have been this site’s first big hit, proving that we are a nation of juveniles who are beyond help. This is why we rawk. Also, for our love of abbreviations.

Mabuhey, Philippines!

Here, let me help you on the island hopping: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR.


4. Off-Bleat: Backdraft
Backdraft were a short-lived Pinoy metal band whom I worshipped in high school. They reunited for a one-off gig in July last year, prompting me to introduce the Off-Bleat (ugh) series. This series revisited this bloggist’s unexpected influences during his formative years – back when I had very little to no say on the matter.

Just like how the band had little say when I joined this picture.

Backdraft were kind enough to share their feature post, giving this site a mid-year boost. I followed it up with a second one after I met the band – and they seemed happy about it, too. Boy, were they so premature to celebrate…

Because the succeeding Off-Bleat piece came in November via Wilson Phillips.

Incidentally, those Wilson Phillips posts received good feedback from friends, even though I hardly promoted them. They must be good – but it’s always funny to watch someone collapsing into a nervous heap, anyway. What can I say? I love the girls. Have a laugh, then. At my expense.

But – hey – at least I met the girls.


5. On The Lamb: Amsterdam
I went to Europe in August last year (thanks in part to KLM), and this travel series happened, proving finally that I can sell out as well as others.

We kicked off On The Lamb in September with a primer, in which I got to quote some serial killers (who were probably quoting some uninteresting bloggers, anyway).

For the trip, I spent two days in Amsterdam, which somehow translated into nine posts.

All about drugs and prostitutes, of course.

I later visited Paris for three days, of which one day appeared last month, in four unnecessary parts.

With the Eiffel Tower amazingly in every shot.

Two more days of Paris shall follow, unfortunately, and then some four or five more European cities. I suppose I will finish these European posts soon, assuming the world doesn’t end again this 2013.


We shall do the remaining five top 2012 postings in a few. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of me from several years back getting acquainted with a friend from New Zealand:

Here, let me Bilbo your Baggins.

Please click for the continuation…

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