Food Porn: Masticating Meatloaf with a Maneater

Gather round, you degenerate degustators. Stop that right now. This is more important than whatever you’re doing. Anything is more important than whatever it is you do, even this kind of third-rate ‘humor’ literature with an over-reliance on double entendre.

Here is another future transmission from the twenty-first century, where the future’s so bright that it’s carcinogenic…

The tenth (but who’s counting?) issue of food porn, coming at you like – overt reference – a bat out of hell!

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Back Cover


“You may stop now,” he whispered. “It’s getting runny.”

She raised her hand, which was covered in a viscous sheen. She looked at him, “I’ll let you put in the meat.” Do it now.

He paused. “This is good meat. Firm but not lumpy.”

“I see that I won’t need to pound it so hard,” she observed.

“Quite true,” he smiled. “I had it checked too… this is free of that pink slime stuff.”

“What about cheese?” she asked.

“Cheese is always a fun surprise,” he said, grinning.

“It depends on the texture,” she shot back, “I don’t mind if it’s soft and gooey. It’s just weird when it’s spongy. Hunter says he dislikes sausage, though. That said, he seems quite proud of you.”

“I hope so. He always did it so well,” he said, working in the meat.

“I wonder how he would take to you using silicon rubber though,” she asked.

“He probably won’t mind. At least it won’t get too sticky, not to mention how easy they are to remove. I won’t even use grease for this. It’ll slide off gently when it’s done.”

“Ok, that’s already packed tightly,” she remarked, “What are we going to do with the residue?”

He smiled again, “What do you think about balls?”

She caught herself at the suggestion, “Tubes… balls… it’s all the same to me.”


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