Old Dogs, New Tricks (Part 1)
Six Things Learnt From Running With a Dog

I don’t remember what it was that made me take up running around four years ago. It’s probably my weak, conformist tendencies – peer pressure is a drug.

It needs to be said that I suck at running, mainly because I cannot find the time to do it properly. That being the case, I also can’t say for sure that I fully enjoy it, although I have been participating in those early Sunday runs on average – hmm – thrice a year, at best (the most enjoyable part is the post-run breakfast, FYI). Between those occasions, I try to keep up by hitting the gym or by doing rounds in our village. I guess it should be made really clear that I suck at running. If you want to find out what my PR is, my answer will be: “Worse than yours, so please feel free to be happy at my expense.”

But please try to contain your happiness inside your compression shorts… [thanks, Bike]

While I plan to improve, it is obvious to me that I do not need to look at my running technique just yet. I’ve always insisted that the hardest thing about a run is getting to sleep on time the night before. My sleeping habits are the worst.

Later this month, Pet Express is holding its annual Doggie Run (I haven’t registered yet, though). This is incentive enough for me to attempt correcting my bedtime hours because I’ve always wanted to take my brother’s Labrador out to go running. Oh, screw it, you want me to say it: it’s a good way to meet bitches.

What an adorable creature.

What an adorable creature!


This is Archer. He is a dog. He is big. Talking about him always causes a regression in my sentence construction skills. Archer’s name is Archer. I think he is named Archer because his previous owner was from that school that has archers of a green variety (friends, let’s not speak of this). Archer, the dog, has a unique growth of fur on his face that this green-school alumnus thought looked like an arrow (heehee). I personally don’t know how he came up with this line of reasoning (heehee). Understandably, if you’re from that school, you were taught that this is an arrow (heehee):

When it’s so obvious that it’s an eagle between his eyes, DUH!

I started ‘training’ with Archer earlier this year, managing three to five kilometers once a week. I want to clarify that, as far as life goals are concerned, this is something ambitious. Prior to any ‘training’ this year, all Archer and I ever did physically was play eat this thing. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the run. It is all but an assurance that we will suck. We’ll just have to do it with style.

What an adorable creature.

What an adorable creature!


In our next installment, we detail some of consequences of training with this evil beast… get it HERE.

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