On the Lamb: Amsterdam 2012 (Part Een)
The Bloggist Is Away

Following months of planning, Joanne and I were finally in Europe. We may have over-planned – we left Manila with an exhaustive spreadsheet as our itinerary. However detailed that was, the info that we cobbled together for it was mostly abstract, leaving me with a feeling of uncertainty.

The loss of control felt as if I strapped myself to a tiger after memorizing the ‘tiger’ Wikipedia entry. Will I get eaten? I don’t know, but I know that adult male tigers have thirty teeth, that tiger bone wine is illegally sold as a sexual stimulant, and that jungle cats are awesome.

I consulted Thundercats. [thanks, Thundercats]

The start of the trip went smoothly, at least – not that we expected anything less. Thanks to the KLM flight we took (via Taipei), we landed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport by 6AM, as expected. By Filipino time, this would be ‘more or less around or before breakfast, text na lang’. By Philippine standard time, however, this would be 12 noon of the same day. This difference, a setback of 6 hours, was rather advantageous. For one, it was as if our seventeen-hour flight only cost us eleven hours. For another, my body clock is naturally set to the Tibetan timezone. Having a body clock this messed up basically allowed me to hit the ground running, to the protests of Joanne, girl-beard.

Here she is, protesting. If she only knew what was coming up…

However much I tried, ‘hitting the ground running’ proved difficult when one was an idiot tourist. After taking the photo above, we found ourselves riding the wrong train on the advice of the information booth (making quick friends with equally gullible tourists who had to double back along with us). At Schiphol again, some 15 minutes later, we eventually got on a train that took us to Amsterdam Centraal Station.

I got it on the second try. Who’s an idiot tourist, now?

After a having a light breakfast at our hotel and freshening up, Joanne and I made our way towards Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam’s most popular street market.

Joanne, demonstrating foreshadowing.

And here be myself with my obligatory KLM-promotion shot:

My face is impersonating a wheel of cheese.

As with any street market, the vendors proved to be an interesting mix – clothing, knickknacks, drug paraphernalia, produce, and the recurring food stall.

Such as authentic lumpia.

The grand plan for this market visit was for but one thing: stroopwafels.

Joanne again, as fulfillment to the foreshadowing.

Stroopwafels – these evil edibles simply mean ‘syrup waffles’ in Dutch. They’re more chewy cookie than waffle, however, with the stroop being thick caramel. They’re so good that human males have been found out to think of them every seven seconds. Even during sex. And the times they think about sex. Stroopwafels are so addictive that they’re practically drugs and prostitutes in sweet gooey form.

Probably why they’re only legal in the Netherlands.

I’ve only ever bought stroopwafels once last year from Schiphol, and have been hoping to get more of these Dutch devil delights since then. Well, what better time and place? I’ve read recommendations saying that a stroopwafel is best enjoyed fresh and dripping. There – it’s not even seven seconds yet, and I’ve thought of it again!

“I want that thing in my mouth, please.”

The wafel dude was nice enough to make me a fresh one on my request. He pressed two waffles out of his waffle iron, trimmed them into neat discs with a cookie cutter, and then slathered bubbling caramel between them to construct an obscene sandwich. Upon handing it to me, wafel dude advised, “Keep it horizontal so it won’t get messy.” There – it’s not even seven seconds yet, and I’ve thought of it again!

Trying my best to keep my face horizontal.

Having our stroopwafel fill, we proceeded to the old Heineken Brewery. They make beer, an alcoholic beverage that you do not normally drink before lunch.

This is not going to be good… thanks, KLM!


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  • Eize says:
    October 19, 2012 A.D. at 5:45 PM

    Naturally, second-to-last picture was taken in front of a “ME GORGEOUS!” store. :)

    • Ronan says:
      October 19, 2012 A.D. at 6:06 PM

      it only seemed appropriate, with my scrunched-up face.



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