Food Porn: Searing Steak with a Sinner

My, how time flies. It is as if this little update was transmitted via electronic signals from another point in time (perhaps from four days in the future?). It doesn’t matter. Everything about this blog is outdated, anyway. What’s a little backdating between frenemies?

And because nobody asked for it, here is food porn episode IX. Bon appétits!

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He stared at her across the table and spoke. “The Japanese tend to enjoy it soft, because they prefer it fat.” He then remembered what Herbert told him when they were younger, “Let her lie on each side for a time to get the right amount of moisture. Never turn her over too much. Moving her around four times is quite enough. More than that and you lose too much juice. There’s nothing better than forking something so tender that it’s still pink and juicy inside.”

“I don’t like it too soft, either,” she said, “but I’d take that over something that’s overdone to the point of dryness.”

“Nobody enjoys that. It can tire out the mouth quickly,” he said. “The French found a way around that, though.”

“How do the French do it, anyway?” she asked between nibbles. “Do they – how do you say – pound it?”

“Heavens, no. You wouldn’t want to pound something so delicate, especially if it’s aged. The French kind of start off dry, so they wrap it up in some bacon,” he quipped. He looked down at the piece in front of him, proud at how he rubbed it just right. “We don’t need bacon for this, though. This is a good slab. It isn’t too greasy, is it?”

“It’s just right.” Thank God, he saved the drippings. “It’s always better around the bone.”

“True. It’s not as tough. I wonder if you would enjoy it German style though.”

She paused, feeling the urge to wink. “Sounds like I will…” she whispered.

“Doing it German style will turn it grey brown,” he laughed. “It can indeed get tougher, but only if not done properly.”

She licked her lips. “I’m open to anything. You know that…”

“That’s nice,” he smiled. I like her already. “I’ve always wanted to try carpet bagging. Perhaps even a bit of that English style. Would you like to take it English style?”

“Oh yeah. I wouldn’t mind some of that, too.” She knew it would lead to this moment, “I just had some last month, you know?” Hadn’t he noticed the redness?

He grinned, “I always enjoy it bloody.”

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