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Blog-Off Battle: Fashion Juicy XXX (Part 4: Opposition Rebuttal)

A good day to you, unwashed human reader. This is your comely canine commentator once again, Archer (Prof.). I recently slandered a dog, herein pictured, who answers to a witchy woman that my sorry human tried to antagonize previously. Because of the magicks of this “Worldwide Weavery”, the aforementioned dog was able to tele-mail my

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Blog-Off Battle: Fashion Juicy XXX (Part 3: Government Rebuttal)

Hello, filthy human readers. This electro-blog is once again being taken over by the man of the house. I may have been noticeably absent this month, but I’m back. Did a cat just pass me by? That photograph is fake, I say. Nothing – but nothing, except quick brown foxes – passes by me, Archer (Prof.)!

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Ask Archer: Bi Some Time

Dear Prof. Archer, I notice that your advice column comes out about every two weeks, or twice a month. Does this make your biweekly or does it mean that it is bimonthly?   Thank You, Bi-Curious Gurl  


Ask Archer: Plural Arrangements

On June the 29th, yours truly received the following mail-in question: Dear Prof. Archer, Am I a Kardashian or aren’t I?   Sincerely Yours, Katz Kardashian  


Ask Archer: The Right Mood

Dear Prof. Archer, I am responding to a letter that my daughter posted last June the 10th As a father aggrieved, it was imperative that I wrote you. I found it quite rude, to say the least. Please learn to be respectful in your replies. If I was taught to hit creatures smaller than I

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Ask Archer: In the Can

Dear Prof. Archer, You are just too cuddly. Eeeee! Can I rub your belly?   Thanks, Touchy Fangirl  


Ask Archer: Commuting Sentence

Dear Prof. Archer, Please help me. I commute to work daily because I do not have a car and haven’t encountered any trouble until today when my handbag suddenly got snatched away by a riding in tandem. What should I do?   Best Regards, Robbed Commuter   P.S. I am a fan. XOXO  


Ask Archer: Rules on Dating

Dear Prof. Archer, I need some help on dating. I am a bloggist who is stuck in the future. I am going to engage in some retro-postings to fill up a conspicuous lack of updates in the early part of May 2012. Before I proceed with such a dirty undertaking, how should I properly call

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Every Dog Has Its Day (Part 2)

Greetings yet once again, kindly reader. I apologize for hastily truncating my previous correspondence. I was merely pandering to the notion that you are the sort with poor intestinal fortitude who prefers to consume these electro-blogs in small, digestible components. My human beast introduced this comely canine to a sporting spectacle called the Doggie Run

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Every Dog Has Its Day (Part 1)

Salutations, gentle reader. A warm welcome to you: sir, madam, or otherwise. It has been brought to my attention that my leprous homo sapien recently recorded an entry for this electro-blog about me. Fie on him, and for shame. While it is perfectly acceptable for gentle folk like myself to use the abbreviated form ‘homo’

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