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On the Lamb: Amsterdam 2012 (Part Drie)

Whatever happened to our drunk bloggist? When last we caught him, he just finished touring the Heineken Experience. Although profoundly thankful for the generous rations of good Dutch beer, our bloggist discovered that his liver had the same capacity as that of a puppy’s. Our impaired bloggist, together with his girl-beard (geard?), Joanne, decided to

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On the Lamb: Amsterdam 2012 (Part Twee)

We’ve barely been six hours in Amsterdam, having flown in just this morning. We weren’t wasting time, though, especially because we haven’t realized how jet-lagged we were yet. It’s just a bit past noon. Joanne and I just came from the city’s best-known street market for our fill of the lasciviously good stroopwafels. A short walk

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On the Lamb: Amsterdam 2012 (Part Een)

Following months of planning, Joanne and I were finally in Europe. We may have over-planned – we left Manila with an exhaustive spreadsheet as our itinerary. However detailed that was, the info that we cobbled together for it was mostly abstract, leaving me with a feeling of uncertainty. The loss of control felt as if

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On the Lamb: Pre-Flight

The weirdest part in coming back to Manila after a trip abroad is the familiarity. However comforting this always is, it has a tendency to seem like partial amnesia. I remember the sixteen days of my recent European jaunt, and it feels indeed as if it’s all that’s happened in the past month. Strangely, it

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On the Lamb: Dutch Treat

Hello again, GMT +8! I went on leave near the end of August for a vacation. I came back, two weeks later, to find shopping malls convinced that it’s already Christmas. Merry Christmas, Manila. It’s good to be back.


On the Lamb: Two Weeks’ Notice

Looks like I have no choice but to do some travel pieces, after all. Sell out. I hope they won’t be as difficult as THIS FIRST ONE. See you in a couple of weeks!


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