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Having just seen the busiest month in its three-month existence, this blog took an undeserved break last week, along with the rest of the metro. Ain’t that appropriate?

In lieu of posting about this blog’s holy week operating hours, this bloggist took advantage of this break by locking himself inside the house to shout at the walls. Despite a clear absence of physical exercise, our idiot couldn’t even properly vegetate. It was a very convenient time for chores, you see. Our bloggist, for one, went through a glut of new little plastic people that needed photo-documentation. Opening toys shouldn’t be as stressful as getting them – taking those photographs easily exacerbated our bloggist’s bad back… he is an old man whose body is falling apart due to poor posture and lack of moral fiber.

A bit of time was set aside for blog maintenance, of course. Needless to say, however, our bloggist just went ahead and watched a couple of DVDs. For this blog, he simply contented himself with a to-do list of overdue updates. For those among you keen enough to click on the various button-things on this page, it would be apparent that some of them are missing or aren’t working. We hope to rectify those in the next few weeks. Please stay around for those.

In the meantime, please enjoy this pointless photo of myself from a couple of years ago in New Zealand getting friendly with a local:

I like to close my eyes at night and think about you and your friends jumping…

See you again soon, reader.

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