The Bleat Goes On

And so, we turn a year old. Happy birthday to us!

We launched this electro-blog a year ago to the obligatory ‘why are we here?’ postings. Here’s what I may have posted a year ago (or not)…

This is an online journal dedicated to capturing life’s fleeting moments, which are mostly meals and sunsets (that curiously look like sunrises). This blog is inspired by my pet (or my kid, I don’t remember), as explanation for every morsel of food I put up. I blog because I can’t be bothered to Facebook my exotic whereabouts to the minute (or can I?). What’s this? Jump shot! This is a time capsule that celebrates life. Which is why I slave away in a dim room with eyestrain while the world sleeps. YOLO, matterhumpers.

Call it a justification, a manifesto, a mission-vision, a raison d’être, or a flimsy excuse to indulge our narcissisms – don’t worry, it’s totally cool. Nobody needs to rationalize cyber-pollution. The world needs to know how awesome we are, and how else do we do that?

Well, to answer, there’s Facebook. There’s also Twitter and Instagram. Well, dammit, then. This electro-blog is pointless, after all. Man, I wish I realized this earlier. I really took a lot of food photos…

Happy 2013, everyone! Welcome to the sophomore slump!

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