Review Notes: The End Is Nice
A Quarterly Greatest Hits Package for the Indifferent Reader

Howdy, stranger. Welcome to our fourth quarterly review. Please don’t run away… this is going to be a quick one. As you may notice, there have only been a total of eighteen postings from October to December this year. Subtracting this very post and last quarter’s recap, we only have an actual tally of sixteen. Pathetic, really.

October was when this bloggist started posting about his two-week European tour. This tour actually happened from August to September this year. It was, of course, sponsored by KLM. For this sellout undertaking, our bloggist began a nine-parter about Amsterdam, which in the real Earth-planet timescale, translated to only two days. This electro-blog is so two-thousand-and-late – but who becomes productive after a vacation, anyway?

October was also when a little known platinum-selling pop group called Wilson Phillips visited Manila. Our bloggist, in case you still weren’t aware, is kind of a fanboy. Because he was still slogging through his Amsterdam notes that month, however, his account of Wilson Phillips’ brief stop showed up only in mid-November (and in two unnecessary parts). The first installment looked at the far past of 1992, while the second found our bloggist face-to-face with the trio (to certain catastrophic consequences). Oh, but I love those girls! My uterine lining weeps at what could have been.

Moving on, December had a slightly more respectable five postings. Just the same, be forewarned about the word count (this bloggist is hopeless without an editor). For this month, the European series continued with a four-parter about Paris – equivalent to just one Parisian day in Earth-hu-man time. Two more Earth-days of this city require documentation, which, by my historical output, would possibly be in seventy-two parts (and finished by January of 2014, I hope).

Lastly, despite the world having ended last week, our bloggist posted THIS THING, a holiday gift guide for the wretched. Please do check it out  – it’s the article exactly right before this one. People seemed to like it… so much that I won’t even attempt to do another update for the year (except for this one… cop out!).

Stats don’t lie – we are indeed ending the year with a bang. Thank you, everyone!

Should you want to (but why would you?), you may also visit our previous 2012 recaps for the first quarter, the second, and the third.

See you in 2013, stranger! I hope you stay around.


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