Review Notes: Third On the Run
A Quarterly Greatest Hits Package for the Indifferent Reader

Salutations, ladies and gents… your friendly neighborhood bloggist is back (in a manner of speaking). Having just seen the end of September, for which certain persons of a ‘punk’ persuasion expect to be woken up from, it’s time yet again for a totally unnecessary quarterly report. Well, third time’s the charm. Here be the first update from March, and the second one from July.

We are now 275 days old.

This July last saw a fair number of postings. For one thing, this bloggist concluded the food porn series after sustaining it for half a year through twice monthly posts. The idea itself deserves to rest for a while, I think. It may yet be resuscitated in the future, but it’s not worth holding one’s breath for. For certain, I still have a bunch of other ideas under the food porn umbrella, which may or may not demand exploration eventually.

The Ask Archer series, initiated earlier this year, also saw a couple of installments in July. These write-ups, featuring our groovy grammarian, Archer (Prof.), are rather fun to research and read, I find. If anything, I hope it makes up for all the times I made my English teachers mutilate themselves over my assignments.

This bloggist then introduced a series (late last June) planned to detail his formative influences, particularly the less popular ones. For all of us, we encounter influences such as these during a time in which our consumption of media was involuntary – we just take them as they come with little regard for taste. This is good, if only because these are the things that make us unique.

The start of the Off Bleat series came on the occasion of the Backdraft reunion. In this bloggist’s not so humble opinion, Backdraft is easily one of the best Filipino metal bands. That they are not better known in the country is inexcusable. I wrote about my experiences as a young cassette junkie with their music, and followed it up with developments related to the reunion concert – the only two in the series so far. My readership spiked during this period, no doubt because of these two postings. For this and more, this fanboy extends his gratitude.

The one post during the month that received the most number of visits, however, was the one that had a photo of me as a kid in my true dorky flesh next to a departed Filipino legend. As a people, we all grieved in our own way upon Dolphy’s passing. I hoped that my little posting conveyed a sense of loss that Filipinos found familiar that week. It was not intended to be poignant, although, on my end, it was certainly sincere.

Also for July, this bloggist engaged in a rhyme battle with the incomparable Calvin Shub, a Filipino blogger of classy reputation. The four-part battle (in parliamentary format) may by viewed HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. It is up to you, good reader, to determine who won. One thing is for sure, however – that Calvin Shub is a scary motherfucker.

August then rolled by, bringing us yet another scary motherfucker in the form of MyFashionJuicyXXX. That girl be feisty, for sure, as you may see in our rhyming duel. I took the opportunity to tip my hat to one of the greatest Filipino heroes alive, the immortal Andrew E – I hope he doesn’t sue me for copping his phrasings. You may view the four-part battle HERE, and then HERE. It gets furrier by the second half, with canine companions guesting: HERE, and HERE.

I also revisited my MBA schooling in August with a two-part article that took over a year to write. I rarely write advice pieces, and for the longest time, I couldn’t find a tone that wasn’t condescending. I hope it came out OK. Please check it out HERE, then HERE. I don’t expect would-be graduate students to find the article helpful, although it would be nice if it somehow helps them arrive at a decision. My face is compelling enough, I hope.

In that period, I also did a series of one-off posts. Aside from the earlier Dolphy send-off, there’s this short one on Filipino abbreviation, and this brief commentary on mall culture via urinalysis.

I also signed off last August to go on vacation. I intended for this to be the start of a new series, hence the name ‘On the Lamb’ (forgive me). I came back by Septemberpractically a month of absence – but overestimated my capacity for recovery. I was ready to post by month’s end, squeezing out a quick intro for my European trip. This serves as a warning: the next weeks (or even months) will see this space transforming into a travel blog. Heaven forbid – I may even spam you on Facebook! Please like by clicking my sorry face! Gademmet.

See you again in a few, good reader. Thanks again!

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